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If you are passionate about making a contribution to others lives, join our training program now. As a miGenie coach, you will be responsible for the wellbeing of a part of miGenie family. You will closely monitor their progress, keep in touch with them regularly, offer them time to time advice, all under the expert guidance of our mentors.


  • See your investment of time and money multiply rapidly.

  • Command the respect of your family and friends as you transform their lives.

  • Reach out to the global miGenie family and offer help and care.

  • Get a chance to be in the elite club based on performance.


  • 2 weeks training program. A few hours per day followed by assignments. The training covers

  • In-depth information on the power of the subconscious mind, with proven examples and case studies.

  • Mastery of powerful tools and techniques to use in day to day sessions. 

  • Advanced training on using the miGenie portal, to view critical parameters, chat with members, find out if goals are realistic, 

  • Hands-on training on the protocol-based one-on-one sessions.

  • Access to 100s of private videos with in-depth knowledge of tools, techniques and miGenie system. More videos are getting added every week to the miGenie academy.

  • 24 live sessions with miGenie founders and Mentors over 1 year

  • Access to all the mentoring sessions from healers

  • Complimentary Gold membership for miGenie success system.

  • EMI option available for payments*


  • Start your coaching with miGenie family members at the Silver and Gold level.

  • Get ready clients to work on in your regional language.

  • Impact your family and friends positively.

  • Elite club membership with direct access to the founders of the system.

Grow with us:

  • Become an elite club member.

  • Get more opportunity to serve the community with one-on-one sessions.

Join our webinar NOW!
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