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Do We Have A Choice?

What is that one thing that we want to go out of our life today???... No two thoughts about it... its "the virus" ...

March 2020...We suddenly felt imprisoned; we had to manage life with what was available without help or assistants... and fear of virus, job loss to top it up ... phewwww!

Well! There was a life much different from today 15 months back... that perhaps' we had complaints with ...

Spouse too busy... kids don't eat right... kids thought parent's don't spend enough time with them... we wished we get to work from home... and more and more..

Most of us wished all this... and there happened manifestation... this all did come true... least did we know it will come bundled ... bundled with uncalled for 'virus,'...

Now we want the same life back and we are enthusiastic to get back...

We learnt that we were good, we were free, we had time for ourselves, we all were busy in different direction but yet united...most important… weekends were awaited...then :)

May be that's how LIFE teaches us ... how VALUABLE all that we have IS...

Do we still have any more reasons to complaint?

Or we wish to divert our awareness to find out reasons to be GRATEFUL...?

Choice is ours! Visit to make the choice for your happiness.

Hema Mukhi Ahuja

Personal Development Coach

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