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Mission One Million Logo | miGenie The Ultimate Success System | To create an abundance of Money, Relationships, and Happiness by transforming deep-rooted limiting beliefs for more than one million members of miGenie family globally.

To create an abundance of Money, Relationships, and Happiness by transforming deep-rooted limiting beliefs for more than one million members of miGenie family globally. 



Our mission is driven by

"Duritanche Timir Javo, Vishwa Swadharma Surye Paho, Jo Je Vanchil To Te Laho pranijaat"

a stanza in the Marathi language from "Pasaydan" by Sant Dyneshwar (1275-1296) which simply means

"Let the darkness of ignorance be gone, Let everyone realize their purpose, as bright as the sunlight. Let everyone have what they desire (as they fulfill their purpose and mission of life)"

We sincerely express our gratitude to our gurus, ancestors, the supreme being, mentors, guides, teachers, and experts who have through books, training, videos, meetings and guidance have supported this mission from their heart and soul. 



Our technology team has created miGenie to be a global, scalable, and personalized product. Designed to reach over a million people, the expertise and experience of our team make miGenie tick 24X7 


Deven has over 30 years of experience in information technology. He has designed 24 products, which are used at over 5,000 corporate locations globally over the last 15 years.  Offered by international partners, Niche Softek has over 150 solutions tuned to specific business needs. Deven is also the founder of Aaryan Structcon, an end-to-end solution structural, and waterproofing company.

Deven's passion is innovation and his purpose is to add substantial value consistently to clients. His other interests are yoga and self-development. Deven has first-hand experience of miGenie technology of implementing it for himself, his family, and at Aaryan.

Deven Limayae - Founder and Managing Director at miGenie The Ultimate Success System



Aarti has over 25 years of experience in strategic business management. Her expertise is in ensuring quality and processes. She leads all quality initiatives in the organization. Her passion is excellence, be it in products, services, and all that she does. At miGenie, she leads digital marketing initiatives and content creation.

Aarti holds a Masters degree in Life Sciences & Biotechnology. She also holds an MMS degree in Finance from Bombay University and holds a Diploma in Computer Science from The Xavier Institute of Management. Aarti is an entrepreneur who believes Anything Is Possible by empowering our subconscious mind. 

She is a trained Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner. She is a trained Pendulum Dowsing healer, She practices energy modalities like Sai Sanjeevini Healing and Healing Grids. She is currently being trained on Chakra healing therapies & meditations & The Ten tools to Total Freedom. She also a Reiki healing practitioner.

Aarti creates aromatherapy candles as her passion which enhances spaces. Her candles bring out the right energies to facilitate Chakra healing.
She has herself conquered infertility by consistent practice of these techniques. Her dream of being a mommy was achieved in just 1 year of using the subconscious mind techniques! Passionate about helping other childless couples, Aarti goes the extra mile to counsel and guide them.

Aarti Limaye - Co-Founder and COO at miGenie The Ultimate Success System



Our team has decades of life experiences, necessary qualifications, and certifications to put the best possible programs, content, and coaching together for your success.

Coaches trained by our team are ready to speak to you, support you and help you achieve your goals and overcome challenges by working on your internal self.



Naresh is a transformation coach and human potential trainer. Naresh has over 25 years of experience in working in various roles in leadership in corporate sales. He conducts practical and very powerful transformative workshops for corporate and SME employees for enhancing their productivity, profitability, teamwork and empowering each one to perform at their peak potential using practical day-to-day subconscious mind techniques and exercises. 


Naresh also trains students, teachers, and parents on powers of the Subconscious mind and empowers in areas of self-esteem, confidence, academics, and to lead a happier, healthier, and more successful life.

Naresh Rangwani - Mind and Money Coach at miGenie The Ultimate Success System



Guna has over 30 years of corporate experience. She turned to holistic Health Transformational Coaching. Guna has a demonstrated history of working in the Banking & Broking industry. She has a strong community and social service orientation along with  MBA from NMIMS. 


Guna heads Holistic Health Transformation with Subconscious Synergies. She is a Pinkathon Ambassador & Ardent Marathoner with fitness goals through running, flexibility, strength training, Diet, Nutrition & Mind Power training as her forte. She is a Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, Certified Transformational Coach, Certified Master Coach, Personal Coach, Happiness Coach, Goal Setting for Success Coach, Purpose Coach, and a Certified NLP Practitioner.

Guna Karkera - Mind and Health Coach at miGenie The Ultimate Success System



Trupti has more than 5+ years of experience successfully mentoring, guiding & supporting people to cope with the various emotional, relationship-led, and mental health challenges in their lives through her knowledge and expertise accrued through her learnings in the field of counselling.


She is a certified Counsellor in both REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy) & Robert Carkhuff’s Model of Counselling, from Heart-to-Heart Institute of Human Technology, Mumbai. She is also a diploma holder in Professional Sports Psychology from KEW Academy and Neuroscience for Parents from Gregory Caseman Brain Academy. She has taken a certification course in Gender and Sexuality (Studying Diversity and Inclusion) from the University of Pittsburgh.


Her professional certifications and learnings through practice put her in a unique position to help people who are coping with challenges in their relationships, parenting journeys, sports motivation, and sexuality.

Trupti Natekar - Relationship Coach at miGenie The Ultimate Success System



Sameer Narad is an electrical engineer (Diploma VJTI, Degree SPCE). He has 6 years of corporate experience in Blue star limited. In between, he did an MBA in marketing. Now he is working as a motivational speaker and counsellor because he is obsessed with helping others. He has certifications from national and international trainers in the area of psychology and mind power. 

He has delivered around 500 seminars (and webinars too) and trained around 24000 people. 

His dream is to create one crore success stories and make our nation a Superpower.

Sameer Narad - Public Speaking Coach at miGenie The Ultimate Success System



Milonee is a clinical psychologist and a career guidance coach with over 10 years of experience in counseling, coaching, and training.

Milonee holds a master's degree in psychology, a master's in English literature, and is a certified soft skills trainer. 

She started her career as a civil engineer and an interior designer.  After industry experience and aligning to her true calling, she pursued academics further into literature and then psychology. 

She validates the processes and protocols in the miGenie team and is involved deeply in content creation and training activities.

Milonee Indapwar - Head Psychologist at miGenie The Ultimate Success System



Coming from a corporate experience spanning 2 decades, working with students is fun and a challenge in itself for Rashmi.


Rashmi has trained thousands of students to overcome their challenges and realize their short-term and long-term goals. Her favorite programs are memory and activity related which elevate the performance immediately.

Rashmi Taboli - Mind and Success Coach at miGenie The Ultimate Success System



Domain Expertise: Mind Power & Life Skills Training (Effective Communication Skills & Stress Management)

Hema, with a PGDBM, has spent almost 15 years of her career time in corporates, primarily in operations. However, she has also been training teams on content and soft skills

She believes that designation, profile or a position are just the titles to define roles in respective verticals, the matter of fact is we all are first the ‘learners’.

It was just a few years back she found her purpose in life:  To empower people to live a happy, successful and peaceful life.

"Experiences, challenges and time teach us a lot in life and the day comes when we develop a need to share all this with others."This thought brought out the trainer in her and drove her to become a Mind Trainer who can make a difference in people's lives.

Certified as a Trainer By Dale Carnegie Institute (VTTT) Hema now conducts online sessions globally.

Hema Mukhu Ahuja - Personal Development Coach at miGenie The Ultimate Success System



Sushma Jakhar is an expert in Consciousness coaching, a performance strategist as a corporate trainer, author of an upcoming book "Practicing the Steps to Ultimate Success" and on a Mission to influence 1 Million lives.

In her 18 years of total work experience, she has touched and transformed the lives of more than 25,000 people, which includes corporate's from Mercedes Benz,  Reliance, 5- star hotels, service personals from the Indian Navy, Mumbai Traffic Police and more. Sushma was actively involved with training and building a Ladies and youth club with Dainik Bhaskar. 

The Dawn Achievers Club is Sushma's masterwork during the pandemic, blending her original insights into proven leadership, inner creativity and exponential productivity with battle-tested tools to help you produce work that allows you to dominate in your field, while you live a life that inspires the world.

Her unshakable faith in the divine power grants her strength to thrive, she believes the universe has her back.

Sushma Jakhar - Mindfulness Coach at miGenie The Ultimate Success System



Our team has decades of life experiences, necessary qualifications, and certifications to put the best possible programs, content, and coaching together for your academic success.

Coaches trained by our team are ready to speak to you, support you and help you achieve your goals, and overcome challenges by working with you and your parents to create a winner.



Dr. Arpita Karkarey is an educationist, entrepreneur, investor, and chief mentor of Walnut School. She is also the co-founder of Millennium National School, a well-known and reputed school in Karve Nagar, Pune. Together, the schools have around 4,000 students.


She holds a B.E in Computer Science and an M.S in Multimedia Technology from USA. She also holds a Bachelors's and Master's in Education and has a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Pune. Arpita has also recently completed the coveted Certificate in School Management and Leadership course from Harvard Business School.


Arpita has been working towards achieving her dream of spreading quality education for almost 20 years through her unique schools and her even more unique learning system. 

Arpita Karkarey - Principle Advisor at miGenie The Ultimate Success System



Natashha is a charismatic and intuitive therapist with a Master's Degree in Psychology, among her other concomitant Specializations.

She is an Educationist, Life Skills, Vitality coach, and A Yoga Teacher with expertise and experience spanning over 10+ years.


Currently, she is associated with well-known corporate houses and educational institutions in Mumbai. She consults Online and from her clinic space in Dadar and Andheri. 

Natashha Mehta - Principal Counsellor at miGenie The Ultimate Success System
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