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Our mission is to empower one million people globally to manifest their dreams using easy to use, day to day, readily available, affordable, mobile phone technology.




Deven has over 30 years of experience in information technology. He has designed 24 products, which are used at over 5,000 corporate locations globally over the last 15 years.  Offered by international partners, Niche Softek has over 150 solutions tuned to specific business needs.

Deven's passion is innovation and his purpose is to add substantial value consistently to clients. His other interests are yoga and self-development. Deven has first-hand experience of miGenie technology of implementing it for himself, his family and at Niche.

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Aarti has around 25 years of experience in strategic business management. Her expertise is in ensuring quality and processes. She leads all quality initiatives in the organization. Her passion is excellence, be it in products, services, and all that she does. At miGenie, she leads digital marketing initiatives and content creation.

Aarti holds a Masters degree in Life Sciences & Biotechnology. She also holds an MMS degree in Finance from Bombay University and holds a Diploma in Computer Science from The Xavier Institute of Management. Aarti is an entrepreneur who believes Anything Is Possible by empowering our subconscious mind. 

She is a trained Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner. She is a trained Pendulum Dowsing healer, She practices energy modalities like Sai Sanjeevini Healing and Healing Grids. She is currently being trained on Chakra healing therapies & meditations & The Ten tools to Total Freedom. She also a Reiki healing practitioner.

Aarti creates aromatherapy candles as her passion which enhances spaces. Her candles bring out the right energies to facilitate Chakra healing.
She has herself conquered infertility by consistent practice of these techniques. Her dream of being a mommy was achieved in just 1 year of using the subconscious mind techniques! Passionate about helping other childless couples, Aarti goes the extra mile to counsel and guide them.

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Our mission is driven by

"Duritache Timir Javo, Vishwa Swadharma Suye Paho, Jo Je Vanchil To Te Laho pranijaat"

a stanza from "Pasaydan" by Sant Dyneshwar (1275-1296) which simply means

"Let the darkess of ignorance be gone, Let everyone realize their purpose, as bright as the sunlight. Let everyone have what they desire (as they fulfill their purpose and mission of life)"

We sincerely express our gratitude to our guides, teachers and experts who have through books, training, videos, meetings and guidance have supported this mission from their heart and soul. 

With deep gratitude we seek blessings of Shri Laxmikeshav, Satguru Dyneshwar Maharaj, Prof R G Limaye, Shri P R Bapat, Swami Vivekananda, Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Dr Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Proctor, Anthony Robbins, Napolean Hill, T Harv Ekar, Robin Sharma, Gerry Roberts and so many gurus, our ancestors and masters for their teachings to make this mission possible.

We are eternally grateful to Naresh Rangwani, Sunil Parikh, Ambrish Chheda, Siddharth Shah, Guna Karkara, Trupti Natekar, Rashmi Tamboli, Gopal Shah, Ajay Jain, Sandeep Modi, Dr Kirshnamurthy Iyer, Dr Aprita Karkare, Natasha Mehta,  Ketaki Desai, Sameer Narad, Rupesh Shah, Dr Urjita Jain, Manan Vasa, Vivek Chopra, Rupal Kamdar, Rajiv Saraf, Neha Rohra and Pallavi Sakharkar as our coaches and mentors.

The elite club of 20 early adopters deserves a special mention as they put faith in the system at the ideation stage and subscribed! Dr. Asha Hatkar, Chirag, Cyril Huang, Dipti Rambhia, Dr. Preeti Hatkar, Dr. Rashmi, Jaywant, Madhuri Pawar, Mangesh, Manoj Shah, Dr Meenal, Mitul Vora, Milonee Indapwar, Nikunj Waghela, Nilesh Rane, Pragnesh Rambhia, Dr Riyaz, Satish, Sharukh Mistry, Sweta. 



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Let me share the story of how this system was developed for more than a year. I attended a training on the power of the subconscious mind and becoming aware of limiting beliefs, their impact on attitude, behaviours, goals and success. I got my team, my friends and my family to attend the training. I was puzzled to find out that not even 5 percent of the people followed the activities to change their belief system after a couple of weeks. That sent me thinking about developing an easy-to-use system. A system with solid support by the coach and buddies. A system that is not dependent on WhatsApp updates to follow activities. A community of committed folks, working towards their goals.

I created a small power nap audio for our team. Playing precisely at 2.30 pm every day in our office. The power nap provided much-needed rest and ensured productive afternoons.  Carefully selected affirmations in the audio were designed to anchor empowering beliefs. Results were seen quickly in the team's engagement, new products and services launched and the company's growth.

Encouraged by these results and seeing them in action, I thought of extending this to individual goals and aspirations. A vision of giving tremendous value to everyone globally to help them realize their dreams was seen. This was in one of my early morning meditation sessions. I was in search of my life purpose and mission at that time. I instantly realized that this is the mission for my life as it is perfectly aligned to my satgurus instructions. Each idea about adding features in the system, its interface, came through as an intuitive thought in the early hours of the morning. All throughout, I was personally using the miGenie success system as it was being built.

I figured out that to really create an impact, our team has to combine virtual reality, add customized content, create a tracking system and get coaches on board. This was quite a massive exercise, knowing that there are millions of combinations for individuals globally. Using our hundreds of years of combined experience, we designed a complete audiovisual system with an app, server, content, and a parametric engine. 

The name miGenie has an interesting story too. I was watching a movie about Aladdin and the magic lamp. In the scene where Aladdin rubs the magic lamp and the genie appears, was the same time, I got a video on a WhatsApp message from a client. I opened it and it played. The subconscious mind is often referred to in training programs as genie, follower or crew. The conscious mind is referred to as Aladdin, master or captain. I instantly thought of naming the product My Genie with the mobile phone as the modern-day magic lamp. A personal device always with you. Your own magic lamp. A lamp to fulfil any wish you have, as long are clear about what you want, you believe in it and take massive action. My Genie, later on, became miGenie as I brainstormed for a name with our team.

As I engaged with our mentors, coaches and gurus, the idea of extending the system to students and specifically sales teams of organizations was added. miGenie is now poised to roll out in multiple languages, in multiple regions to maximize its impact globally. 

Me, our entire team and mission associates feel truly connected to the mission of giving a powerful tool to everyone to achieve their dreams and be successful in life.

- Deven. On mission one million with miGenie.



The digital edition of the book is given to all miGenie subscribers. 

Paperback edition can be ordered separately.

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In this book, learn the 10 principles of making more money and success fast by replacing your limiting belief system with an empowering belief system! Starting from thinking in abundance to the creation of life mission, the book provides a step-by-step guide to bring the riches in your life.

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