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Dad - Inspiration To Many, Strength For Me

Dads give you your dreams & the mindset to achieve them. First words a child speaks when he starts speaking are Baba (in marathi) means Dad. Its true -Words have the power to transform your world. And this word gives me immense power & strength. The other day, I was preparing for my video presentation and my husband Deven told me... "Just speak like Baba .You have heard most of his speeches". And the magic unfolded for me. It worked perfectly. Dads have a special way with their little girls. And even when we grow up... this never changes. I remember as a little girl, we had these late night chats, sitting in our balcony. And we talked for hours and hours. He always brought a smile to my face. His positivity was magnetic. His calm look is have frozen in my mind.

He often called me "taee". As a little toddler, I remember brushing his hair and make tiny pony tails of his hair. Baba used to travel abroad for work often - every month for 10 days atleast. And I didn't like being away from him. I was restless when he wasn't around. And look at me now. Probably, he's right here sitting next to me... lovingly patting my back. Baba gave me my first mind power. He had a subtle way of teaching life's lessons. I remember him tell me how to prepare for my first speech. He was an excellent orator and I used to be mesmerised listening to him whenever he spoke. His voice was re-assuring and full of warmth. At the same time firm and powerful. My Baba has been my strength and my weakness.

He lead by example, how to be strong. My dad taught me perceiverence and a never give up attitude no matter the hardships. He used to tell me "Aarti, Nothing succeeds like success". And "If you get tired of studying... or work...change your work. Change of work is recreation".

There wasn't any thing I ever did without his approval. He woke me every single day at 4 am when I had to study and made my cuppa tea. He was always near me while I was studying during those early mornings. Even now, he's my guiding light. I can see him sitting on a sofa, drinking his favorite cup of tea. He loved panipuris I made for him and the desserts. I miss our talks and listening to his strong voice. I remember clearly receiving his call exactly at midnight on my birthday few days before he passed away. He said "Happy Birthday Aarti taee. Wish u the very best in life." His voice was loud n clear. Full of life. Strong n filled with love, blessings and calm as always. Soothing, firm and anchored me completely. He was just next door, lying on his bed sleepless and in pain with his femur fracture nailed n sorted. Recovering, hopeful for life and strength. But his voice was like always loud, strong and calm! Every birthday I still wait for my Babas call. Endlessly waiting to hear his voice just one more time.

I don’t think it’s something I’ll ever get used to & honestly it hasn’t gotten much easier over these years. My dad was an amazing person & I always looked up to him. He was a great role model, always encouraged us to do our best & had such a positive outlook on life, always seeing the good in bad situations. He always put his needs before ours. He never complained about ANYTHING. EVER. I wish I could be even 1% of what he was. But I also know he would want me to be happy & live in peace knowing he’s in a better place, watching down on us, every moment of every day. 

Losing my dad has taught me a lot about how to make life really count because you never know when it will be over. And then exactly a year later, I lost my Dad in law. He too was a power house of strength I looked up to.

My Dad in law always said, "Yeh sab mithya Hai". Whenever he said this, I used to laugh. I felt he is too detached from life, and yes he was. He was detached from all material things. He was a pure soul. We all are truly running behind a mirage of all material things. Deep down, his words had truth hidden in them. We are all attached to material things . Hoping one day will stop running after a mirage. My Dad in law was an inspiration to many and had a positive aura. He loved to talk and I enjoyed talking to him. His presence was soothing and the moment he was around, I felt energy expanding. I felt calm and relaxed with him. He often pitched in to babysit my twins and was always available whenever I called him out. I still remember meeting him on my birthday eve a year back when I visited him in the hospital. He was so happy seeing me that every one who entered the room, he told proudly with a smile, "That's my daughter in law!"

He loved my Sheera and Khajoor halwa. I am so glad I made it for him on my birthday last year, just a few days before he left us. Today, having lost my two pillars of strength... my both Dads, they have left behind a huge legacy for us. And I feel their presence in spirit always. Dads are son's first hero and daughter's first love & best friend. I am blessed to see the same bond my daughter and son have with my husband Deven. I can see a lot of my both Babas in my hubby and that brings joy to me. My hubby's sense of humour is totally magnetic. When you are young, you think that your Dad is your super hero. And when u grow up, you realise, he's still your superhero who wears a cape. My dad gave me dreams and the mindset to achieve them. And my Dad in law supported me in whatever I set my mind to. Glad I had the previlage to work with him and take his dream to the next level. I am blessed and grateful that they both chose me to be their daughter.

My Dads were the wind beneath my wings . They sowed the seed of success in me. You all have miGenie for this. So, make the most of it. Practise all the miGenie activities daily, alter beliefs and be in abundance and succeed you will. miGenie is a dream come true for all who want to succeed and achieve their goals.

Aarti Limaye Co-Founder & COO miGenie - The Ultimate Success System

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