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Relationships with Humour

Same Place...

Same Situation...

Same... YOU

Same... ME

Same... US

But there is a wonderful addition in my life and very soon in your life if you choose to unlock the magic !!

Enjoy this walk, or rather, read through last year's note that's RELEVANT today as well. ⭐⭐

🕛🕛 The world that we knew and the world that we are currently lock downed in is very different suddenly … or is it really ???

Our family is the same, our home is the same, we are also the same (though little is recognizable without the parlour visits 🙂), what we eat is the same, and even what we wear is the same … then what has changed ????

Suddenly, I have noticed that I am getting more calls for consultations especially by parents wanting to know how to react and act with kids and their behavior. So, here are a few pointers which I have jotted down which will help all parents to calm down a bit. These are the pointers which I have followed at my home with my 9 yr old and also on myself:

• Know and understand that whatever you're feeling right now is normal

• And also, whatever your kids are feeling right now is normal

• It is OK to do things differently than you normally do - allowing more screen time, more snacks, or a later bedtime

• Dedicate more time to play with your kids whether they ask or not, and don't get worried about that pending laundry or any other household chore

• It's OK to enjoy this time of less rushing around and the need to run on a tight schedule

• It's OK to feel bad that you are unable to work, follow your normal routine, spend the same amount of time with friends, or enjoy the same kind of peace and quiet.

• You don't have to learn a new skill, online or offline, or organize your kitchen, or write a journal or do deep cleaning of the entire house, etc. unless you truly want to!

• Your kids don't have to learn a new language, master an instrument, or learn to cook, or draw masterpieces, unless they truly want to!

• Your kids may or may not adapt to online school, and if your school is not conducting any online classes don’t feel left out or that your kid is academically endangered

• Your kids may learn well online or they may need more in person help, maybe you wanna sit with them and teach, or maybe you wanna tell them that "it's ok you can get back to your studies when the school reopens"

• Doing nothing one day is OK !

Our current situation is unique.

Your family is unique.

Your family situation is unique.

Your needs may be different than a family member, it may be different than your kids, and it may change from day to day.

This is the time to talk with your kids, be with your kids and family members. Have all the long conversations which you didn’t have time for. You can inculcate values of Love, Trust, Support, Helping each other, Supporting each other (physically and emotionally), Responsibility, and most importantly RESILIENCE through your behavior and words.

We need to tell our kids, ourselves, and people around us that even in these trying times, as the world is coming together to find a solution, we also should always look out for the solution rather than get scared and give up!

So go on, give that hug, make those special requests come true for yourself and for others and enjoy this FAMILY TIME.

This magic can be unlocked by using migenie and you will be amazed at how many of your limiting beliefs can be erased to give rise to a NEW YOU with migenie.

Discover the genie of happiness, success, good health and great relationships using migenie.

Practise all the miGenie activities daily, alter beliefs and be in abundance!

Trupti Mandar Natekar

Relationship and Parenting Counsellor

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1 Comment

Aarti Limaye
Aarti Limaye
Apr 28, 2021

So apt ... n perfect ... it's the real bonding that gives meaning to our lives and it's a great opportunity in disguise ...

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