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Mind Believes. Body Achieves.

You know, when I used to think of weight loss, it was always a painful exercise that primarily came to my mind along with extreme diets. And because of this, I have also gone through the torture of not eating at all, or eating less without any attention to nutrition.

Pure ignorance.

And am not saying that I did not loose weight… Yes!! I did. In fact, there was also a stage where I lost 9 kgs in a month & that’s was decades ago. Today, when I think of my folly it makes me realize how silly I was to think that starvation & excessive exercising at the gym was an achievement.

I really didn’t have a clue about the terms 'Carbohydrates', 'Proteins', 'Fats', 'Vitamins' and 'Minerals'. These all were very alien to me & I did not know something called 'Cortisol' even existed.

Today I can laugh at my own naivety, but the experience of learning & evolving has brought me onto this path of an amazing journey since June 2018.

My first step was getting into YOGA, just because I met a friend from my gym who had got into this & I didn’t even think that yoga was going to help me with my Thyroid condition. But today I have stopped my thyroid medicine gradually & from Dec 2019 (of course with my doctors advice), even stopped my medication completely. It has been more than a year that I am free from this disease, which people say is life-long medication to be taken daily.

Wow!! Miracle isn’t it. You become what you think.

Let me come back to the word CORTISOL, or stress hormone as it is usually known. Did you know stress hormones affect our Immunity? This is the most wanted thing today, whether physical or emotional. Most of us are not aware that excessive exercising diminishes our fitness level. Intensive exercise increases cortisol in the short term due to the stress on the body & this in turn lowers our Immunity.

And yes, no denying that today we are overloaded by information on the internet as to what to eat or drink to increase our physical immunity. But what about our Emotional Immunity? When we are tensed, worried or not mindful of our thoughts, we are inviting stress, which in turn releases Cortisol or stress hormones which impacts our Immunity.

Are we being mindful of what we are thinking today or how are we responding to the situation & not reacting with fear, anger or insecurity?

You can heal yourself by bringing a conscious change in your thoughts words & actions.

This is the food for our thought today. Make the conscious decision of controlling & choosing your thoughts to calmly respond & not react to the situations that come our way specially during this troubled times.

This magic can be unlocked by using migenie and you will be amazed at how many of your limiting beliefs can be erased to give rise to a NEW YOU.

Practise all the miGenie activities daily, alter beliefs and be in abundance!

Guna Karkera

Mind and Body Integrator

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