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Sugar and Spice

“Sweet as Sugar“ or “Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice” is what most of us have heard of. Isn’t it? But then is the sugar really sweet & nice as we have always thought of? No, actually, a big NO!! But then, is the sugar the big villain as it is made to be? What is it that I do not know about sugar other than that it is bad for diabetes & other diseases?

Sugar is not bad in the sense of what we believe & have seen, heard, or read. It’s the form & the quantity that is consumed, is bad. So, what is it that makes us ignorant of this fact? This was the case with me also 3 years back until I got into this fitness regime in April 2018. My hunger for learning along with my experience got me into this big discovery. It’s when you have the first-hand info along with experience, is when it gets imbibed into your belief & system.

So, when am talking of the form of sugar I mean whether or not it is in its organic form. Or is it refined?

Let’s just take a simple example of white sugar which is refined, and sugarcane juice which is one of the purest forms of sugarcane (other than the plant stalks themselves). This juice has the highest amount of the natural carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Whereas, when I consume refined white sugar it has zero nutrition with loads of calories.

Now the question comes that if I take sugar in my tea, coffee, juices and other sweet preparations as I have been doing for ages, how do I change this? I agree, this is not easy because our taste palates have developed the taste & have become used to having sugar in our preparations.

I was in a webinar & had to speak on fitness for 3 days. This webinar had 100+ women in the forum & one of my secrets that I gave out was to use organic jaggery instead of sugar in your tea, which I have been doing for the past 3 years. But then there came a volley of questions about how it would taste different & whether it would give the same satisfaction as drinking tea with sugar. I just told them to try it & come back to me the next day & they will have the answers to all their limiting beliefs. Voila !! The next day when my session started they just could not stop themselves from sharing their experience & their excitement drove the other remaining women also to give it a try & share their experience on the last day of the session.

So, we have so many natural replacements that have their own natural sweetness in the form of organic jaggery, dates, honey, stevia, cane sugar, and fruit juices. So, it’s time to quit consuming zero nutrition & look out for healthier options.

Folks what are you waiting for? Just a simple change & it can give a lift to your life. This is what when I say & talk about lifestyle changes, something that is simple effective but permanent.

These women changed their limiting belief that they can only get the desired sweetness in their food and drinks with the belief that they can use healthy alternatives to achieve the same sweetness.

And now you have miGenie to help you do this. So, make the most of it. Practise all the miGenie activities daily, alter your limiting beliefs and be in abundance of good health!

Guna Karkera

Mind and Body Mentor

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