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Chasing Goals for Happiness? are you?

Let me tell you a small story. My uncle worked very hard at his government job in the 1950s. He had stayed in a rented home since his childhood and had a dream to own his own house. As a part of his job, he was given staff quarters. This was at a time, when home loans were not prevalent. He longed for his own home. He thought "my retirement home near the river in my village will make me happy". He sacrificed the small pleasures of life for this dream and built his house by saving every penny possible and meticulously planning for it. Finally the day came after 20 years, when he retired, and moved into the home. After a few days, the happiness, the novelty of the place faded away. He thought, "is this what I was chasing my entire life?".

Most of us are "doing" things to "have" something someday so that we "be"come happy!

This always keeps us procrastinating happiness and makes it illusive as it is external and sometime in future...and when the goal is achieved, the happiness lasts for a limited time! Keeping us wondering...did I do all this, only for a few days or hours of happiness? This is the classic "doing having being" sequence. This leads to nothing but a stressful life! What if we change the sequence by "being" in abundance, "doing" things that are aligned to a purpose, with passion, and achieving our life goals ("having") while being in a blissful state.

I am not at all suggesting that one should not work hard or not have goals. In fact we all deserve to have the best in life. It is only a different approach, that will accelerate success without out taking any stress!

To maintain an eternal abundance mindset, where there is abundance of joy, abundance of wealth, abundance of health, abundance of success, abundance of gratitude, abundance of acceptance, thoughts have to be aligned accordingly.

As over 60,000 thoughts originate every day, how do you ensure that you are in an abundant state of mind, day after day, every day?

Thoughts originate from the deep-rooted self (sometimes limiting) belief system. The key to abundance is an altered belief system!.

With the "being, doing, having" sequence instead of the classic "doing, having being", we are in abundance always. It is the blissful eternal stress... as the perspective itself changes, internally!

Actually, being is a state of mind, which actually has little to do with you having or not having anything. It's the association, that limits us. Once this association is known, it can be distanced, a high state of being, leads to passionate action, leading to having... Practise all the miGenie activities daily, alter beliefs and "be" in abundance!

Dev R Limayae. Founder

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Very well said!


Aarti Limaye
Aarti Limaye
Apr 19, 2021

loved it. set me thinking and inspired me to write my story

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