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Deep Cleanse Your Mind

Deep cleansing your mind... Free up mental space...

This is my favorite ... Cleansing...Clearing things ...

Imagine your home full of things lying around ... not a place to sit around. Your workspace all cluttered. Will u be able to think properly in such surroundings. I can't.

My boss says I have an OCD ... When I once told him to clear up his mess he said ...' U must have been a washing machine in ur previous birth '... n we burst out laughing.

I cleanup my office workspace often . And make my staff cleanup their spaces too.

Just like we go to a salon and get a facial or cleanup done .n u feel great about it. So also with mind cleansing you will feel all charged up … to conquer the world.

So our mind needs a good wash.

Why is it , you will ask me now. Simple it is. Our thoughts & beliefs keep cluttering our mind. We keep getting negative thoughts randomly right. At least I do. So many times I get these bouts of anxiety...these are the negative thoughts which clutter my mind. And they control the mind majorly.

A cluttered mind is restless and unfocused. Think about decluttering your mind . I love the thought of cleansing it . Do u?

Let me tell u 10 ways to Declutter & cleanse your Mind

1. Declutter Your Physical Environment. Physical clutter leads to mental clutter. ...

2. Let Go of the Past baggage we carry. ...

3 Jot it down. You don't need to store everything in your brain. Do u ?

4. Write a Journal. It helps in getting ur thoughts out of your system.

5. Set your limits .Stop Multi-Tasking.

6. Limit extra Information Coming In. You can call it Social media sleep mode on.

7. Take quick decisions. Make menu charts . Routine charts. So ur mind is free for taking right quick decisions .

8. Get your Auto-Pilot mode on.

9. Ser your Priorities. Focus is the key.

10. Meditate and access your inner mind. Cleanse it of all clutter. Get rejuvenated.

Added bonus is Free Mental Space.

Try it friends. It works.

And now u can use this free mind space for creating something new. Bright and beautiful.

A must do is enroll yourself with miGenie. It’s a brilliant system which will help u get ur focus on track and rejuvenate yourself.

Aarti Limaye

Co-Founder & COO

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