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Happiness Mantra!

Well, who doesn't want to be happy? Of course, we all do.

Wait wait... There is a catch... How many times has it happened that at one moment we feel happy and joyful and few moments’ later back to pavilion??

The people we often like being with, sometime annoy us??

Happens with most of us... but why...?

This reminds me of an interesting incident:

A few years back a friend of mine called me out of joy; He sounded extremely excited and full of energy. I was delighted hearing his joyful voice. He said he is happy "because" he has got a new car. Well, Innova definitely is a good car... (winks)

A few days later we met and I saw him alighting from his “prized" possession, his all-new Innova. I was looking forward to celebrating, but to my surprise, he looked tense... On asking I learnt that it’s "because" of the loss of a business contract The entire episode made me think:

Where did that joy that came with the new car vanished in no time? Was really the car that made him happy?

Or it was that temporary pleasure or a hormone rush that gave him the "feeling" of being happy? Have we associated "happiness" with our achievements??? Or is it that we have set a milestone of profits and gains to be happy??? Well, the answer is simple: happiness is all about feeling content in our own skin no matter what the situation is. As it is truly said "happiness is a state of mind" and we can be in that stable state of mind by simple daily practices that remind us that “happiness is independent of everything we achieve" I’m glad that there is already a system in place that doesn't let us forget the daily practice come what may.

miGenie - The Ultimate Mind Power Success System is the first step towards eternal happiness!

Practice all miGenie activities daily and be in abundance of happiness everyday! Hema Mukhi Ahuja

Personal Development Mentor

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