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The Flight I Missed

We're all made up of stories. In fact, life is one long narrative and we're all trying to write the best chapters we can before "The End”.

Let me tell you my story… My Dad was posted in London with a British firm. He wasn’t in Mumbai when I was born. (He saw me when I was 8 months old, which was okay for me because I was Daddy’s girl.) After I was 3 months old, my mom joined him in London with a picture of me, rather than taking me with her.

I don’t remember anything it all but I am told by my Aaji (my grandmother) and Aai (my mom), that I was with my loving grandparents who took great care of me, as well as a friend of my Dads who was a doctor, and who my Aaji consulted when needed.

The story which I was told was embedded in my subconscious mind and I kept feeling bad that ‘my mommy left me behind and went to London when I was just 3 months old’.

It stuck with me until very recently. For my milestone birthday, my dear hubby game me a very witty gift: An Air ticket (handmade by him) for my mom and myself to London, which said “The flight you missed 50 years back”. I was astonished.

These are the tickets that he made!

It suddenly struck me: What is it that I have been complaining about all these years? My limiting belief was: ‘How can a mom leave a child behind and just take off?’. So many moms do it now-a-days. Or is it that I couldn’t go to London with my Mom and Dad all those years ago? I realized that it would not have made a difference even if I had gone, in view of the fact that I was only 90 days old. I let go of this limiting belief.

I let go of my story. I am now a different person. I looked at mom in a different light.

Most of us have deep-rooted stories which turn into limiting beliefs. Write your stories and tear off the page or burn it down. Erase it from your life and laugh over it, as I do now.

Alter your beliefs.

‘I feel like a victim of Negative experiences in my life’. We all have events from the past that seem to haunt us and hold us back. I had mine for 50 long years. Some of us hold on to our negative thoughts like a security blanket. ‘My mom just left without a thought’, was the story that I kept telling myself, and complained about it all the time.

This tendency is where our brains tend to focus more on the negative things that happen and less on the positive things. We tend to gather evidence to support the negative so that it overrides the positive.

But the fact is that my parents could give me this beautiful life, education, opportunities and all the good things in life.

Change Limiting beliefs and change your outlook on life!

Most of us have our set of stories supporting our Negative thoughts and beliefs. Most of the people I work with or meet hold on to at least a few of such beliefs. These thoughts hold us back. Rather than letting them take over, go after your goals and aspirations. Taking small steps to overcome these limiting beliefs can have a substantial effect on your life.

miGenie is the tool which will accelerate the process of altering your beliefs and thus will help you in achieving your goals.

Practise all miGenie activities daily, Alter beliefs and Be in Abundance!

Aarti Limaye

Co- Founder & COO

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