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The Right Mindset

Whenever we face a problem, most of us, most of the time the first thing we think is "Oh no! Not again!" isn’t it??

But due to this, what happens is that we close our mind towards the possible solution, which is normally quite simple and right in front of us.

Yes, you heard me right, just look at this small, powerful narration which I remembered as I recently faced a problem in my house:

A prospective student was being interviewed for admission to a prestigious management institute. The interviewer said “I shall either ask you ten easy questions or one really difficult question. Think well before you make up your mind!”. The boy thought for while and said “My choice is one really difficult question”. To which the interviewer replied "Well, good luck you have made your choice. Now tell me what comes first Day or Night ?”. The boy jolted into reality as his admission depended on this answer but he thought for a while and said “It’s the Day Sir!”. “How?“, asked the interviewer. “Sir you promised me that you will only ask me ONE difficult question, not two.“

Wasn't this creative and apt?

The problem I faced which reminded me of this story is the fact that during this hot summer as we fitted our new AC, the electrician fitted it but faced issues. He tried many things and then said “Maybe the piece is faulty”. “Oh God!”, my family members thought, because due to the current situation it will be really difficult to replace it and the summer heat would result in many sleepless nights. Then I got an idea to call another electrician, who said that he will come and check it out the next day. The next day he told me “Ma'am it was simply a lose wire“. It took him 10 mins to fix the problem.

Whenever we face problems, it is our mindset which determines how we react to it. If we think that the problem is big and difficult to solve, it becomes harder to find a solution. But, if we have a mindset that believes that the problem can be easily solved, then the solution appears in front of us.

So use the miGenie system to help your mind stay calm and composed in every situation.

However skilled and knowledgeable you are, remember to keep it simple and make your mind connections strong using miGenie.

Rashmi Tamboli

Mind and Memory Mentor

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